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If the payment was successful, you will be given instant access to download your audio guides. All our audio guides come in a choice of two different formats:

AAC/M4B Format
This format is ideal for AAC-capable portable audio players, most notably the Apple iPod, iPhone, iTouch and iPad line of devices. If you have a non-Apple device that is capable of playing AAC files, you also can download this format. This format is handy because the audio guides are stored within an iTunes Audiobook file, which means just one file per guide. All the separate tracks are contained within that one file.

MP3 Format
This format is ideal for almost all portable audio players in the world, including Apple devices. Our MP3 packages come in downloadable ZIP files, and have separate audio files for each track.

After making a purchase, you are free to download either format for the guides you have bought. They all feature high-quality audio wrapped within a relatively small, convenient file size.

After you have made your purchase, you are assigned a unique order code for that particular order. This code is also e-mailed to you. For up to one week after your purchase, you can go to our download page, enter your e-mail address and unique order code, and re-download the audio guides you purchased as many times as you like. Exactly one week after you first placed the order, the code expires and you will have to make another purchase if you want to download the guides again.

Plug, Click, Experience

Once you have downloaded the audio files, simply transfer them to your portable audio player in the same way you transfer any other audio to it*.

Then simply show up at the destinations featured in the guides, put your headphones on, press play, and let us show you around.

*Note: If you downloaded a ZIP file from us, this file needs to be "unzipped" before you have access to the audio files. If your computer does not already have any software to unzip ZIP files, we recommend you use Zipeg (it's free!).

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