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Teng Ky-Gan


Kygan is Malaysian and has lived here his entire life. Born in the northern state of Perak in the beautiful city of Ipoh (which he calls the centre of the universe!), he loves backpacking and has travelled the world. From the highlands of Nepal to the streets of Bangladesh to the happy cafés of Holland, his favourite method of travelling is with a pair of good walking shoes and earphones plugged in his ears, regaling him with wonderful stories of the amazing sights he is looking at.

He created Audio Guide Malaysia as he feels that many who sightsee don't really see, as their eyes are firmly fixated on their guidebooks and not on what really matters - the sights themselves. Malaysia is too beautiful to be wasted like that.

Malaysia is truly Asia - it's the entire continent in one tiny country. Beautiful people, delicious food, riotous colours and sounds - any visitor would be overwhelmed by what Malaysia has to offer.

While producing these audio guides, he learned so much about his beautiful country. His top-three favourite tourist spots are the Petronas Twin Towers, Chinatown and Central Market. The local food is definitely a must as well, and he will be very upset if he finds you eating at McDonald's or sipping Starbucks.

He hopes that Audio Guide Malaysia will make your visit here more meaningful. After all, if he is still so fascinated with Malaysia even after living here close to 30 years, it will definitely be an awesome experience for you as an occasional visitor.

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Colin Kirton


Colin is a freelance performing artist, best known for his work on Malaysian stage and screen as an actor and director. His voice work has been heard on TV and radio commercials, documentaries and animation projects for over a decade. He is of Chinese/Scottish mixed-parentage.

Born and bred in Kuantan on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, Colin loves the diversity that his homeland has to offer. He has a particular penchant for Malaysia's rainforests (the oldest in the world!) and mountains. Naturally (pun intended!), his top-three recommendations for tourists would be climbing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, exploring the caves in Mulu National Park in Sarawak ("Don't miss watching the bats leaving Deer Cave at dusk every evening; the millions of bats swirling en masse out of the cave in a dance of sorts is a sight to behold! And you must visit the absolutely gorgeous lagoon outside Clearwater Cave!"), and of course, the beautiful idyllic beaches of his former home, the east coast, and its offshore islands, particularly in the states of Pahang and Terengganu.

Colin encourages all visitors to be adventurous with Malaysian food: "I've met visitors who told me they ate fast food all the time, or drank only mineral water or Coke. It's a pity to come all the way to Malaysia and end up eating what you can easily get back home! If there's one thing I missed when I lived abroad, it our smorgasbord of culinary variety."

Colin hopes that Audio Guide Malaysia will help visitors realise what a rich and diverse country Malaysia is, in every aspect of its being - and why he's truly proud to be Malaysian.

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Erika Schmidt

Sound Engineer

Hello everyone. My name is Erika and I am a recent graduate of a recording arts and music business programme out of Canada. I came to Malaysia to pursue a contract position doing recording and audio post-production. I stayed for five months, and in my time in Kuala Lumpur, recorded half of Audio Guide Malaysia. I'm back in Toronto now and trying to establish myself in the industry and making a name for myself doing music supervision and licensing.

Malaysia was a completely new experience for me. I came halfway around the world by myself on one of the longest flights imaginable to a country that has a completely different culture and atmosphere than what I am used to. It was a little intimidating. The city is busy and hot but also very interesting and exciting. Probably one of the best aspects of Kuala Lumpur is its food scene. Being a huge foodie, I was in heaven. Mamak stalls open all night that serve dirt-cheap (but not dirty!) tasty street fare, exotic and fresh fruit, plenty of seafood and more chilies than you can shake a stick at (that's one thing you'll have to get used to: the spiciness of a lot of the food). Some of the more strange or unusual things I tried was stingray and durian (I am one of the people who was not a huge fan, to say the least).

I only really was able to travel around Kuala Lumpur, but I can tell you there are three things you need to do whilst in the capital. First, Chinatown. I did all my gift shopping there and spent barely 100 ringgit! Next, the lookout point is a great place to see KL at night (hope for clear skies). Try not to get lost though, as we did! There are some lovely restaurants up there too. Finally, definitely do some shopping. Malls here are practically on every street corner and, depending on where you are from, the prices are significantly discounted. KLCC is a gorgeous place to be on a nice day.

But wherever you go, make sure you bring your umbrella. The weather has a funny way of changing on you unexpectedly. Batu Caves is also a great place to go for a more spiritual and cultural experience, but watch out for the monkeys!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy listening to these tours as much as I enjoyed recording them. We put a lot of effort into making them informative and fun. I learned a lot from recording them so I know you'll learn a lot from listening to them. Enjoy your stay in Malaysia!

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